Sunday, February 14, 2010

Losing track of what day it is!! (Events are going to jump around a bit, just trying to put as much info in as I can)
Headed out around 10:00 to watch the final torch relays. The atmosphere downtown is hard to explain, it was just electrifying. The crowds were very large, extremely friendly a great big party. Saw the torch on one of its final stretches before going into the stadium. I have never seen so many police! Before the opening ceremonies we went over to were all the protests were happening. They were for the most part a very peaceful group. The only time I felt a little uncomfortable was when the riot police came in and blocked the entrance to the stadium, I know it was a peaceful protest but the site of so many police and people was a little unnerving, Especially since they were protesting the games, and I was in my uniform. Did talk to a few and they knew that they could not stop the games, but they had the ear of the world listening. We were standing in the pouring rain, thousands of people watching on the big screen. The ceremonies were awesome. When the Canadian team entered the stadium...........I am sure most of you felt the same way. I had the privilege to see some great Canadian performers live: k.d. lange, Bryan Adams, Nelly Furtado, Sarah Mclachlan Jully Black, the fiddlers all so awesome. During the rehearsal John Fulong, gave a really nice thank you to all the volunteers it was very emotional.
From the time we got on the Sktrain in the morning and all afternoon people were talking about the athlete from Georgia, Nodar Kumaritish. I think the Olympic organizers gave a nice tribute, a very sad and tragic accident.
While walking around Brendan, Logan and I got a free rickshaw ride from Paul from Dublin. (pictures soon) I also got interviewed by CBC, asking questions about where I was from and what I thought about the atmosphere etc..

Another thing I have never seen, line ups to get into the Bay. This is the official "super store of the Olympics" . There were camera crews inside interviewing people, and line ups just to get to the Olympic gear section. There was also a large Russian section, next host.
Also saw Trevor Linden, very nice man taking time to pose for pictures and autographs, he signed Kieran's Canada flag.

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